martes, 28 de julio de 2009


Today we have visited The National Gallery, an art museum. We have enjoyed watching some of the most famous european paintings. We couldn´t take photographs but when we went back home we took these photographs:

This is the BANK OF IRELAND.

This is THE TRINITY COLLEGE. It´s the main university in Dublin. It was founded in 1592.

Here is THE TOURISM CENTRE in Suffolk Street. It is St. ANDREW´S CHURCH.

This is one of the archs in the city: DUBLIN FUSILIERS ARCH.

We urgently needed a coffee, uhm...! The best place, an enormous shopping centre, ST. STEPHEN´S GREEN.

We did high street shopping and also discount shopping where we bought some clothes out of seasons at 75% further reductions. We will go shopping again

Do you like "TAPAS"? Salamanca or Dublin?